365 acudits per a indepes.

365 acudits indepes.

365 acudits per a indepes is a book loaded with humor

Cossetània, Valls, 2013.

Why did the king of Spain abdicated? How does PP leader Alicia Sánchez-Camacho conjugate the verb “to vote”? What does a Chinese say to his Catalan girlfriend? Why does Vargas Llosa think a million and eight hundred thousand people voting for independence are very few? If you want to know the answers to essential questions like these, this is your book. The author has taken the trouble to collect the absolute best pro-independence jokes, and classify them by topics, such as the consultation, the media cavern, ID cards… On these pages you will find classic jokes about the Spanish people, alongside with very recent ones on current affairs, and about life in the diverse territories of Catalan influence.

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