365 acudits per a culers. EN

365 acudits per a culers

365 acudits per a culers

Cossetània, Valls, 2013.

Why Sergio Ramos has started studying? Up until when is Pepe innocent? What’s the difference between Bill Clinton and Kaká? Why is Cristiano Ronaldo sad? How does Mourinho change a light bulb?

If you want to know the answers to all these vital questions, you don’t have to use Google. The author of this book has searched them all and now he can offer you a pill of wisdom for each day of the year. Throughout these pages, some classic old jokes cohabitate with heaps of brand new jests generated by the popular imagination.

For the first time, a book gathers 365 doses of good sense of humour for the followers of the best football team of the 21st century.

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