100 Motius per ser del Barça.

100 motius per ser del Barça (i no ser del Madrid)

100 motius per ser del Barça (i no ser del Madrid). / 100 motivos para ser del Barça (y no ser del Madrid).

Cossetània, Valls, 2010 / Lectio, Valls, 2012.

Yes, we know: there are truths so obvious that don’t need to be proved. But who has not ever found once a Real’s hooligan unable to recognize the superiority and greatness of Barça? So we offer you this brief summary of only hundred reasons that make FC Barcelona infinitely superior to any other, and even more to Real Madrid. Thanks to our book, you will be able to humiliate without offending, make silence without demanding silence, light without turning the light on and, above all, sleep with a clear conscience, rocked by intellectual arguments and finish what often degenerates into a bitter dispute. So yes, once the discussion about football is over, please don’t talk about politics.

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